Watch the Ultimate KabU Kabbalah Retreat Preparation Event to celebrate connection and prepare for our upcoming Annual KabU Kabbalah Retreat 2022!

This event is open to anyone who is into learning about how to attain spirituality in an atmosphere of joy and uplifting unity.

When? Sunday, September 4, at 10am PT/1pm ET/7pm CET

What’s going to happen at this event?

  • Experience the entire 3-day retreat schedule within an hour.

  • Find out the latest updates that could help make it possible for you to attend the Annual KabU Kabbalah Retreat.

  • Participate in contests and win special surprises.

  • Ask your hearts away and have all your questions answered live by the coolest instructors ever.

  • Enjoy live music.

  • Share a lot of laughs together and celebrate connection.

Ask Your Questions Here. Get Them Answered Live During the Live Celebration Event!


  1. Can you please comment on this passage from the book by Rav, The Path of Kabbalah, page 98?

    “In the end, we will understand that every time we try to do i and we do not connect with the Creator, we will be placing ourselves in a terrible state of of acknowledging our evil to the point that we will want to relinquish our personal pleasure once and for all.”

    I sort of understand it but I feel like I’m missing something.

    Thank you!

  2. I just bought a ticket, my question how to inscribe for winning a free ticket?

  3. I understand this is more than immersion of intellect, as well as spiritual connections and becoming more imbedded within a community of like-minded free-lance scholar-researchers and I personally have a tremendous interest in history and the process of these studies which connect us to a great river or cloud of intelligence and human awareness to interpret and delve into mysteries of the kaballah’s supernatural existence to become a tool, but it becomes an outlook of life and I wonder if you can bring forward the historic domain of kaballah to guide us and teach us wisdom as well as knowledge?!?

  4. All things being equal, what is the timeline period for attaining true Freedom in one’s lifetime – is it one year, 2 years, 3 years etc??

  5. Seems like something cool.
    This is a study that always brings you new questions.

  6. looking forward to the broadcast…

    • Stump the Panel: What is the question that’s never been asked that you are dying to have asked?

      • Are the Frequencies that are spoken of by Kabbalist with respects to Nature/Creator/GOD scientifically verified or calculable??


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